Professional Profile

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer and IT professional with a focus on object oriented development and well-proven design patterns, preferrably using Java technology and open source components.

My IT skills are built on more than 20 years of hands-on experience in programming, professional software development since 1995 and a broad academic background in mathematics, computer science and computational linguistics.

As an IT consultant one of my core competencies is the thorough analysis and understanding of customers' needs. I am experienced in working with customers on formal requirement specifications as well as refinable user stories.

The teams I work with have achieved quality results and customer satisfaction through practices like test-driven development, peer code reviews, controlled refactoring and other agile methodologies.

My professional experience includes software projects for large clients in business sectors like oil & gas, postal services, internet service providers, steel industry, financial institutions, government agencies and online retailers as well as various medium-sized businesses.

Research and Teaching

I have a keen interest in learning and understanding technologies as well as exploring and solving problems in fields like algorithms, mathematics and linguistics.

As a research assistant I have worked at the IBM Scientific Centre in Heidelberg and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbr├╝cken.

My university education included courses on teaching and I have taught classes in Mathematics and Object-Oriented Programming. I have also participated in a training program for high school teachers for one year.

I have contributed to various efforts of skill set and team development at my workplace(s), including Java certification classes, presentations on Java, Linux, Open Source, Software Engineering and automation.