Hello and welcome to my résumé website!

Picture of Oliver Doepner

Note: If you are interested in my fun activities within my local community, please visit the funfairview blog.

The pages here primarily provide information about me as an IT professional.

The profile sums up my qualifications, interests and key skills. You can read in more detail about my specific IT skills and the software projects that I have worked on.

My career path is summarized as a list of present and past positions. The education page gives an overview of the schools and universities I have attended.

I am always interested in building relationships with IT firms, open source projects and fellow software engineers. If my qualifications have caught your interest feel free to email me: "oliver [dot] doepner [at] gmail [dot] com".

You can download a slightly outdated version of my résumé as a PDF. References are available on request.

Oliver Doepner